31. August 2019, Drammen, Norway

"The most amazing photographer! 

Bethine you are the best!"

Ida + Christoffer


3. August 2019, Drammen, Norway

"On shoot we had so much fun and we got SO many

beautiful shots of our daughter"

Andrea + Thomas

Kjersti + Simon

10. August 2019, Askrova Norway

"she spent the whole weekend at our island and

did so much more than just being a photographer-

and we're in love with the photos!"


1. Juni 2019, Åros, Norway

"We couldn't have been more happy with the results!"

Ida + Henrik 


22. September 2018, Lier, Drammen, Norway

"in some magical way, she's able to be literally everywhere without being noticed"

Marie + Erik

Marie + Erik



4. August 2018, Karlshamn, Sweden

"we're so grateful that she travelled all the way from UK, to be at our wedding"

Johan vant Mathilde

Ann-Kristin + Solve 


9. Juni 2018, Vestfossen, Drammen

"Bethine can cure being 'shy of the camera"

"Bianca giftet André"


5.August 2017, Bergen, Norway

"She was like a long known friend being there with us."

10.Juni 2017, Drøbak, Oslo, Norway

Anette + Ingard

"provides great service and support throughout the whole journey".


6.aug 2016, Krøderen, Norway

"We appreciate her eye for detail"

Monica + Svein-Henning


23.Juni 2016, Blaafarveværket, Norway

"She captured all the right moments! "

Melissa + Dan 






6.juni 2015, Bergen, Norway

"the images were natural and genuine,

just the way we wanted them."

Maren + Adrian 

"Bårdsen + Bråthen"


24. Mai 2014, Fedje, Norway

"our wedding day was as fun as it looks

like in the photos!"